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The Flinging Kangaroo

When it goes bad for Qantas, it goes bad big time. This is how The Age described the airline online, prior to it being corrected soon after.

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I thought this was a great article by Greg Baum in The Age this morning, on the state of the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

If Sydney wants it, let them have it I say.

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I’ve admired Les Twentyman’s work for quite a while and am delighted that his health is on the improve. I certainly hope that he was misquoted, or his quotes were taken out of context by The Age this morning.

The Age reported on a police report that showed that the majority of the violence in the city is carried out by people from Melbourne’s northern and western suburbs. Twentyman is quoted as saying ”Safe Labor seats never really get money spent on them. It is always marginal seats that get the money tipped into them.”

Give me a break! What has money got to do with the fundamental fact it is not OK to be knifing people and belting the living daylights out of them? It’s got nothing to do with money. It’s got everything to do with being decent citizens.

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The Age is reporting this morning that Fairfax is going to relaunch the National Times, as an online edition.


My previous blog entries probably give some clues about what I think about the Australian media industry in general. Generally low quality and constantly looking for sensation rather than strong analysis and reporting.

If Fairfax manages to give us the National Times as it was previously, it will be great. To quote Fairfax Media chief executive Brian McCarthy, “The National Times brand was synonymous with intelligent and thought-provoking journalism”.

The August launch is certainly something to look forward to.

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I don’t think I’ve ever had anything to do with Brimbank Council. I worked with a lot of councils when I sold local government software for Fujitsu and Infomaster. I swore that, if humanly possible, I’d never sell into local government again. Why? Because they procrastinate over the most insignificant amounts of expenditure and it seems half the council needs to get involved in the decision.

It’s a pity, because the majority of people that work at the coal face in local government are fantastic people. The people I’ve come across in my emergency services activities are generally fantastic.

But for some reason, local government councillors persist in getting involved in their ridiculous petty politics. I absolutely pissed myself laughing when I saw this cartoon in The Age this morning – it’s so relevant to many local governments across Australia.

The Age Cartoon

Ladies and Gentlemen. For goodness sake, recognise that your little part of the political world is simply that. Little. And insignificant. Get on and provide the services that we elected you to do and for which we pay our rates every quarter.

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