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Go Sainters – One To Go!

It’s goint to be an incredibly difficult, but really exciting week. St Kilda beat Footscray last night in one of the most nail biting sporting events I’ve ever watched. I checked my pulse during the game and couldn’t believe how much it was racing.

So what’s on this week? I’ll need to see if I can sneak away to training for a couple of hours during the week. Can you imagine what it will be like at Moorabbin? There’s no way I’d contemplate driving and trying to find a car park – might be the train for that one.

I’ll need to find time to go and buy a Drizabone at some stage. I’ve been threatening to do it for a while, but the imperitive is stronger now. Why? All will be revealed below.

The Grand Final parade on Friday morning will be fantastic. Then it all starts to get a bit silly. I’m working out at the Royal Melbourne Show for Red Cross that afternoon – should be over and done with that by about 10:30pm. Then it will be off to the MCG with my folding chair, iPod, warm clothing and Drizabone to join the queue outside the Members, so I can get my favourite seat on Level 2.

So not a lot of sleep (probably zero) on Friday night and, if St Kilda wins, not a lot of sleep on Saturday night. It will be interesting to see what form I display at bowls practice the following day.

Oh well! It doesn’t happen every year. GO SAINTERS!!!!!!

Update: We lost.

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I’ve never tried action footy photos before, so took my camera over to Trevor Barker Oval today, to watch the Sandringham Zebras play the Frankston Dolphins. Here’s the pick of them.

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Saints Training

For someone who’s so fanatical about the St Kilda footy club, I guess it’s surprising I haven’t done any blogging about it, particularly as it’s been such a great season so far.

Last Sunday’s game was just brilliant – so much hype beforehand and a standard of game that certainly lived up to the hype. I thought it was great how players that have developed with the club over the recent years, and given us supporters considerable frustration as they’ve developed, really stood up and had great games. I’m thinking in particular of Sam Gilbert and Brendon Goddard.

Anyway, as I’m between jobs this week, I decided to go and watch them train at Moorabbin on Wednesday. Visits to Moorabbin always bring back great memories, particularly Lockett kicking bags against sides like Sydney and Brisbane. I clearly remember the last game there against Fitzroy, before we moved to Waverley.

The ol’ ground ain’t what it used to be, as it is going through a major re-development. There was Ross Lyon holding his press conference in the rubble in the middle of us fanatics there to watch training.

Anyway, the boys looked pretty slick in preparation for the game against West Coast this weekend. And what did I find most impressive? The way they spent plenty of time with the approximately 150 supports that were there, doing autographs and having their photos taken with people when requested. Justin Koschitzke and Nick Dal Santo were particularly impressive. Nice work boys.

So here’s a few photos from training.

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Go Sens

About 12 months ago, Ken Fleck gave me a fantastic Ottawa Senators NHL shirt when I was at his place in Ottawa. I reciprocated with a St Kilda jumper signed by Nick Riewoldt and Fraser Gehrig. Here’s the proof I actually wear it, Brother. Looking forward to the pictorial proof from your end.

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