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One of the things Carol and I worry about, living so close to Moorabbin Airport, is having a plane drop out of the sky onto the house.

There was such an event on Thursday night, but thankfully over on the northern side of the airport. The plane came to a standstill in Capital Golf Course, very close to Centre Dandenong Road, which is right on the boundary of the airport. What is really odd is the lack of damage in the general area – it’s almost as though it’s just dropped in there. There’s a hole in the fence, presumably that the firies have cut to get to the plane. Other than that, not really anything.

It’s pointing away from the airport, suggesting an overshoot on landing. But that’s a big overshoot. I guess it could have spun around on impact, if it was landing from the north, but the lack of damage suggests that’s not the case. Anyway, I guess it will all come out in the ATSB report.

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I live just to the south of Moorabbin Airport. In fact, our street intersects with the southern boundary of the airport. Just about every time I head out, I have the opportunity to check out what aircraft are parked at the airport. Seeing this unit is always a good sign.

It’s a Bell fire fighting helicopter. As you can imagine, it certainly stands out from the other side of the airport with its bright orange doors. I always appreciate seeing it there, because it means it’s not out dumping water on a fire somewhere.

Interestingly, I took a photo of a similar aircraft earlier this year.

It is the same sort of aircraft, but is obviously a different helicopter with a different registration. What is odd is they have the same identification number on the side.

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