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Anyone who bothers to read my blog entries will know I’ve put a fair amount of work in lately documenting Carol’s and my trip to Canada last year. I used the standard editor in WordPress, and being reasonably new to blogging, didn’t realise there were other (easy) options. In particular, uploading pictures was a real pain in the arse, and you’ll see they’re probably smaller than they should be.

So, after five minutes of research, I’ve found out I could have just done it in Microsoft Word 2007. Doh!

So why a photo of a Vancouver fire truck here? Hey, I’m an emergency services freak, and I’m proving the technology. Believe me, there’s plenty more Canadian fire trucks and ambulances where that one came from.

So Canada Retrospective Part 3 (from Calgary to Ottawa to home, via Niagara Falls) should be a lot easier to pull together. Will I do Canada Retrospective Part 1 Retrospective and Canada Retrospective Part 2 Retrospective? Dunno. J

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