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I spent a chunk of yesterday Tweeting (is that really a word now?) for Red Cross (www.twitter.com/ausredcross_em), trying to get as much information out there as I could on the Red Cross activities for the Queensland & New South Wales floods.

It got me thinking about how things have changed. I first started interacting with information technology in 1976, in my first year of a Bachelor of Science degree at University of Queensland. We were doing assignments in Fortran, coding them up on mark sense cards. Not dissimilar to the immigration cards and census forms we complete now, where one uses a pen or pencil to mark columns on the card. We had to submit the assignments overnight and if there was a single syntax error, we had to wait 24 hours before we submitted them again.

The contrast? There I was on the train going home yesterday, with my iPhone, tweeting and re-tweeting details – a mobile information centre 10 centimetres high by 5 centimetres wide utilising a mobile broadband network.

I love technology! (when it works properly)

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