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The evidence seems to be mounting that the Country Fire Authority (CFA) is going to end up being the whipping boy as a result of the Royal Commission into the February fires in Victoria. The Sunday Age (May 31, 2009, page 3) is reporting that the CFA believes the senior counsel assisting the commission is “prosecuting” its members. It also reports the CFA is considering briefing its own lawyers as a result of its dissatisfaction with those appointed by the State Government.

I want to state my absolute support for the CFA, and all emergency services organisations involved in the fires. Victoria has never before had to deal with a tragedy of such magnitude. While every emergency service will identify areas that it could have done better, all emergency services personnel should stand tall.

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Red Cross Appreciation

Red Cross recently sent out a lapel badge to each of its volunteers in Victoria.

Lapel Badge

Along with the new uniform items and the upcoming afternoon tea with the Governor for those who assisted with the bushfires, they are small but greatly appreciated ways of recognising our volunteers. Well done to the team in North Melbourne.

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I sat and watched the Four Corners story on the Marysville fire tonight. I sit here now, typing this with an incredible flood of emotion washing through me.

Most of it is anger towards the ABC. Aunty, you are a disgrace. Why would you ask all those questions that will surely be asked by the Royal Commission? The senior command at CFA and the DSE rightfully refused to participate. But what is most galling? While the ABC behaves in such a disgraceful tabloid manner, it refuses to comment on matters where, perhaps, there may be some questions as to whether it stuffed up itself. What a disgraceful example of double standards. Let’s milk as much emotion out of it as we can, but let’s not leave our own arse uncovered, should there be reason for it to be uncovered.

And what is the rest of the emotion I’m feeling? An incredible sorrow for Glen Fiske, the CFA Captain. I cannot come vaguely close to imagining what he went through on Black Saturday and what he must be experiencing now as he rebuilds his life. Nor can I understand why the ABC would put him through such a collection of insensitive questions.

Glen Fiske, I salute you. And ABC, you are a disgrace.

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