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ANZAC Day Dawn Parade 2010

Today was my first Dawn Parade. I have said for a while it was something that I should do. After all, if a significant number of Australian and New Zealand service people can give their lives, the very least I can do is get out of bed at 4:15am to show my respect.

I was absolutely overwhelmed by the number of people who did the same. The grassed area around Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance was simply a sea of people. Unlike many situations where so many people are gathered, the proper feeling of solemness and respect prevailed.

It was a simple service, with just an appropriate amount of ceremony that failed to impose on the opportunity to reflect. The dawn light silhouetted the participants in a very moving manner.

I went for a stroll around the Shrine afterwards – these are the pick of the photos. Lest We Forget!

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