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St Kilda–That Was Crap

Angry? You bet I’m angry? I, and about 38,500 others who part with a chunk of money each year for our St Kilda memberships, deserve better than the crap that was dished up against Hawthorn at the MCG this afternoon.

I always like to approach things positively though, so with the intent of helping the coaching staff, below is an assessment of the 22 players today and what the club should do with each of them.

Jason Gram (1) – probably one of the least skilful players in the game. Bullock through and kick the thing blindly isn’t really the way the game’s played these days – TIME TO GO.

Aaron Siposs (2) – the single positive that came out of the game – a great debut. But at 189 and 82, he’s only ever going to be a small forward who needs bigger ones around him – KEEP.

Jack Steven (3) – small and slow – needs a trick and he hasn’t got one – has only managed 14 games since 2009 – TIME TO GO.

Clint Jones (4) – if you accept that every side has to have a tagger, then he is St Kilda’s tagger. Can really only be played in that role – does not have the skills to play elsewhere – KEEP.

Ben McEvoy (5) – useless. Would struggle to be the third ruckman at any other club. Didn’t win a tap all day and got outmarked by a Hawthorn rover – TIME TO GO.

Zac Dawson (6) – absolute dud. Hawthorn must have thought it was Christmas when someone agreed to take him. Is it so freaking hard to play the ball and not the man all the time? – TIME TO GO.

Steven Baker (10) – has been a loyal club servant, but is now too slow, has always been too short and there’s always a danger he’s going to knuckle someone again – TIME TO GO.

Nick Riewoldt (12) – magnificent athlete who is having to carry too much responsibility at the moment. The club deserves a lot better consistency in front of goals than what he provides – KEEP.

Adam Schneider (13) – good, reliable (except in grand finals) goal sneak, but you’re not going to build an offence around him. Only has a left foot – how do AFL players these days get away with only having one foot? – KEEP.

Brendon Goddard (18) – needs to change his attitude. Clearly has shit on liver about something and is getting paid way too much money based on the return we’re getting at the moment. Don’t we have any sport psychologists at the club? – KEEP.

Sam Gilbert (19) – one of the key participants in the dramas in the off season, thus owes the club big time. Hasn’t repaid that debt and continues to demonstrate appalling decision making on the field. Gold Coast could probably use another playboy – TIME TO GO.

David Armitage (20) – just a player – KEEP.

Farren Ray (22) – despite limited skills has been fantastic for the club since he came over from Footscray – KEEP.

Justin Koschitzke (23) – would have to be the most useless lump that has ever pulled on a jumper for St Kilda. Seriously, why does he get so much support at the club? With two prolapsed disks and playing from my bed, I could get more kicks at centre half forward than this clown. A complete dud – TIME TO GO.

Sean Dempster (24) – has not played a decent game for St Kilda since he arrived – TIME TO GO.

Sam Fisher (25) – the rock of the back line. I hate to think what the final score would have been against Hawthorn if he wasn’t there – KEEP.

Nick Dal Santo (26) – another one who needs to stop sulking and start paying back. Another one with only a left foot – KEEP.

Andrew McQualter (32) – 90 mediocre games at best. Too short. Too light. What’s the value add? – TIME TO GO.

James Gwilt (33) – one of the success stories from 2010 – he and Fisher are the heart and soul of the backline – KEEP.

Dean Polo (34) – first game for St Kilda – was OK in the first half and unsighted in the second. Deserves a chance to prove himself, but it’s hard to believe an offcast from Richmond is going to be your next champion – KEEP.

Jamie Cripps (35) – Who? Fourth game today – another one who’s too light and too short. Seems to be a trend unfortunately. Needs to be given a chance – KEEP.

Stephen Milne (44) – does not deserve the crap that gets hurled at him by opposition supporters week after week. One of the most successful goal sneaks in the competition, but could be twice as good if he positioned himself front and square at Riewoldt’s feet – KEEP.

And of those that didn’t play today, you can add Jason Blake (unfortunately – great club servant), Ryan Gamble, Michael Gardiner, Brett Peake (another one footer) and Raph Clarke to the list of people to go.

So there’s my response. Time to put the knife through the list and get rid of 14 of them. Let’s see what mealy mouthed response we get from Ross Lyon.

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The Saints and the Hawks will once again battle for the annual Blue Ribbon Cup when the two teams meet in Round 8 at the MCG on Sunday. The Blue Ribbon Cup was established in 1999 in memory of two Victoria Police officers Sergeant Gary Silk, a Hawthorn member and Senior Constable Rodney Miller, a Richmond supporter who were killed in the line of duty at Moorabbin in August 1998. The St Kilda Football Club supports the Blue Ribbon Cup as the officers lost their lives in the line of duty in Moorabbin. (from the St Kilda F C members’ newsletter)

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