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I listened to Shaun Hart and Robert Walls bagging Carlton player Brendan Fevola before the AFL game against Fremantle tonight. The general theme was his lack of discipline and off-field activities. I’ll certainly concede he’s no angel.

Then I saw him running onto the field with a young lad who, going by his bald head and look of general poor health, was probably a cancer sufferer. I’m pretty sure he had Fev’s number (25) on the back of the Carlton jumper he was wearing, and he ran through the banner with the team. It was absolutely fantastic to see the amount of time that Fev spent with him as they came out onto the field. I’m not going to hold my breath for the commentators to comment favourably of course.

Nice job, Fev.

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I don’t think I’ve ever had anything to do with Brimbank Council. I worked with a lot of councils when I sold local government software for Fujitsu and Infomaster. I swore that, if humanly possible, I’d never sell into local government again. Why? Because they procrastinate over the most insignificant amounts of expenditure and it seems half the council needs to get involved in the decision.

It’s a pity, because the majority of people that work at the coal face in local government are fantastic people. The people I’ve come across in my emergency services activities are generally fantastic.

But for some reason, local government councillors persist in getting involved in their ridiculous petty politics. I absolutely pissed myself laughing when I saw this cartoon in The Age this morning – it’s so relevant to many local governments across Australia.

The Age Cartoon

Ladies and Gentlemen. For goodness sake, recognise that your little part of the political world is simply that. Little. And insignificant. Get on and provide the services that we elected you to do and for which we pay our rates every quarter.

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I sat and watched the Four Corners story on the Marysville fire tonight. I sit here now, typing this with an incredible flood of emotion washing through me.

Most of it is anger towards the ABC. Aunty, you are a disgrace. Why would you ask all those questions that will surely be asked by the Royal Commission? The senior command at CFA and the DSE rightfully refused to participate. But what is most galling? While the ABC behaves in such a disgraceful tabloid manner, it refuses to comment on matters where, perhaps, there may be some questions as to whether it stuffed up itself. What a disgraceful example of double standards. Let’s milk as much emotion out of it as we can, but let’s not leave our own arse uncovered, should there be reason for it to be uncovered.

And what is the rest of the emotion I’m feeling? An incredible sorrow for Glen Fiske, the CFA Captain. I cannot come vaguely close to imagining what he went through on Black Saturday and what he must be experiencing now as he rebuilds his life. Nor can I understand why the ABC would put him through such a collection of insensitive questions.

Glen Fiske, I salute you. And ABC, you are a disgrace.

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