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Racism – What A Contrast

I went to check out Dandenong Market this morning. A number of friends and colleagues had been talking it up. Generally speaking, I found it pretty disappointing. Apparently I was there on the wrong day – Saturday is when it really cranks up. However, I found it to be just another Melbourne market – a meat & fish hall, a fruit & veg hall, and a “stuff” hall (stealing a friend’s description). I was disappointed because I really wanted it to be something that more closely reflected the multicultural nature of the community it supports. It really was just another Melbourne market. I made one purchase – some bones for Spike & Ned. The (Anglo Saxon) stall owner made comment about the weather and I noted I thought it was “bizarre”. I was chided for using the word, because apparently the “stuff” hall was going to be re-named to a bizarre. “This is Australia” were her comments. “Why do they have a use a foreign name like that?” The contrast was stark – 2 people, both of Anglo Saxon background, in Dandenong, with two completely opposite attitudes. And her’s so completely inappropriate. Sigh!

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