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I write this post with a small degree of reservation. Why? Because Oscar’s Hangout is quite small, and I’d be really pissed off if I turned up for dinner and it was full of people who read this blog. So if you are going, try to go when I’m not there. OK?

Oscar’s Hangout is plonked in the middle of suburban Mordialloc, no where near the Mordy strip or any other commercial establishments. It is cafe-style food – open for breakfast and lunch all week and dinner on Friday and Saturday night.

There was no dish on the tapas menu that was not enjoyed by out group of 6. The food was a tad slow coming out, but certainly worth the wait. Is the food the most outstanding you’ll find anywhere in Melbourne? No, probably not. But it’s damn good, and a welcome find in the Bayside culinary wasteland.

And they have White Rabbits, which rates an extra vote.

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I happen to think that UFC and boxing are barbaric sports (I use that term with reservation) and wrestling is on the margin. I’d be happy to see the first two banned permanently.

I also think that:

  • Tony Abbott being appointed as Australian Prime Minister was a tragedy;
  • The availability of guns to the general public in the US is a disgrace;
  • T20 cricket is crap;
  • Liverpool footballer, Luis Suarez is a scumbag;
  • Australian cricketer, Shane Watson is a dud;
  • etc;
  • etc.

I’m also quite happy to put my opinions out there, whether it’s through this blog, on Facebook or through Twitter. Or face to face.

Back to UFC however. I expressed my banning view on two different Facebook threads today, which originated as comments supporting the introduction of UFC in Victoria. The response was fascinatingly contrasting. In one case, there was a spirited debate about the merits of UFC, but where it was obvious that all the people contributing to the debate respected each others’ opinions. Good stuff.

In the other case, I copped some personal abuse for expressing my view. It wasn’t particularly nasty – I’m big and ugly and have certainly copped worse. Equally, when I pointed out the inappropriateness of the abuse, it was merely reiterated.

It’s an interesting contrast. We’re all different and we have different opinions. Let’s put our opinions out there as strongly as we wish, but even though we might strongly disagree with someone else’s opinion, let’s strongly respect their right to have and promote that opinion. It’s a fundamental human right.

I will certainly be trying to do that much more in the New Year. And blog lots more. And lose some weight. And………

Happy New Year everyone!

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