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Tandoori Cottage

“403 Waverley Road”, he said. “East Malvern. Near the corner of Malvern Road.”

So, why on earth would I look up 403 Malvern Road on Google Maps? Why did my brain not tweek something wasn’t right when Google brought up a location in Prahran? Why did I have to drive to that location in Prahran before I realised something wasn’t right? Damn I hate getting old.

So, to get the address part right, it’s 403 Waverley Road, East Malvern. It’s called Tandoori Cottage. And it is some of the best value Indian food we have had for quite a while.

The surroundings, both outside and in, aren’t particularly salubrious. The service struggles a bit. But the food is really, really excellent. Carol and I were there with two friends who consider Tandoori Cottage one of their “locals”. We were happy to drive there, based on their recommendation, and weren’t disappointed.

And. And. Entrees and mains for four people with rice and roti – $120. Tell me that’s not great value in that part of town.

‘Nuff Said.

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It’s local government election time again. Gosh I look forward to trawling through the policy statements for all the people, many of whom, one suspects, would really struggle to run a major city.

And guess what. In our ward this year, there are 28 of them. Yep, 28. If I am going to register a formal vote, I have to write numbers from 1 to 28 on the ballot paper. You should see the ballot paper by the way. With policy statements attached, it’s the size of half a football field.

“I have lived in the Kingston area my entire life”

“My family and I have lived in Cheltenham and Heatherton for the past 23 years”

“As a Parkdale resident for 22 years”

“A resident in Kingston for over 20 years, what a lovely place to live.”

I’ve actually taken the time to read all 28 policy statements. Does that make me a sorrier specimen than some of the candidates? Yeah, probably. Truth is, the Adelaide v Western Sydney game last night was so bad, I needed something better to do. And that was all that was on offer.

Anyway candidates, you know what? I couldn’t really give a rat’s bum where you live or how long you’ve lived there. What I’m interested in is what you are going to actually DO for the community. There’s a lot of waffle in there about your interests. Don’t care. I’m interested in the beach as well. Why don’t you tell me what you are actually going to achieve?

And while we’re on that subject, I’m keen to hear from any of you who is going to promise funding for our new SES unit at Mordialloc. Because I don’t want to make a big deal about it , but I, and about 50 other volunteers (and great people) actually do do something for the community. We get out there every time there’s a weather-related emergency and sort it out. And we’ve grown out of our existing LHQ because there is a groundswell of people of like mind, who actually want to do something about that sort of stuff, rather than just talk about it.

So I’m keen to hear which of you is going to jump on board with us, and PROMISE the funding to get it built. And then keep that promise.

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