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I live very close to Moorabbin Airport. The airport was here long before I was so, to that end, I have never made a big deal about aircraft noise. However, after this morning’s effort, it is time to make some noise of my own.

Prior to 6:00am this morning, or 0600 hours in pilot speak, about a dozen aircraft took off into the south. This is the direction where there are houses that are closest to the airport, including mine. Conditions were benign, which meant that those aircraft could have taken off to the north or on the cross runway.

You may find this surprising, but my wife and I actually prefer to sleep a bit later than 6:00am on a Sunday morning. Unfortunately, we didn’t get that opportunity this morning.

You need to show a bit more respect to the local residents, Royal Victorian Aero Club. What happened this morning was disgraceful!

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