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They’re Just Umpires

Hey Tim Lane, Stephen Quartermaine and Robert Walls (you especially Robert). And all of your colleagues who are radio and television commentators.

The bloke on the left here is Ray Chamberlain. Or Umpire Chamberlain would probably be better. His name is not Razor Ray. Nor is his name Ray. Well, it is, I suppose, but I don’t often hear you referring to Nick or Nick or Nick. It’s usually (Nick) Riewoldt or (Nick) Dal Santo or (Nick) Maxwell.

Brett Rosebury profile

Equally, the guy on the right is Brett Rosebury. He’s one of our better umpires, certainly better than the previously mentioned Ray Chamberlain. His name is not The Umpire.

Can you and all your commentator mates start treating them the same and stop trying to elevate some of them onto pedestals in the same way that we expect you to with the players please.

They are just umpires and you are contributing to the situation where some of them seem to think that they, rather than the players are what people go to see on a weekly basis.

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