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Each Australia Day and Queen’s Birthday, I enjoy reading through the list of people who have received honours. I don’t always agree with the reasons people have been honoured and also get frustrated with the way the politicians look after themselves and their mates. However, I always admire people who commit to a cause and give it their all.

So today, I went to The Age web site to check the list. It could be my failing eyes, and I didn’t have my glasses on, but nowhere could I find reference to the list. Hmm, is this the same newspaper that wants to make a return to quality? Good call I’d say.

I then searched for “queens birthday honours” in my browser and the first hit was for www.itsanhonour.gov.au. Ah, that’ll be it. No, firstly you get to click on a database link for all recipients, ever. Not quite what I wanted.

Next you get referred to the Attorney General’s web site, to try and find the copy of the Government Gazette where they are listed. Too hard!

Finally, you get referred to the Governor General’s web site. I’m assuming that’s where they’ll be, but I won’t know just now – the web site’s down.

So to all those who received honours, congratulations. It’s just a pity it’s so damn hard to find you.

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The Age has reported this morning that the Office of Police Integrity is investigating Sir Ken Jones and a ministerial adviser. (http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/ministers-aide-tried-to-persuade-sir-ken-to-stay-20110603-1fl5n.html)

The State Ombudsman is, in turn, investigating the OPI.

I have a simple question. Who’s investigating the State Ombudsman?

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GOM Warning


A friend suggested yesterday that I need to include a GOM warning on my Twitter posts, and I guess by extension, my blog posts.

BTW, I was assuming by GOM, she meant Grumpy Old Man. I suppose she could have meant Good Ol’ Man, but somehow, I don’t think so.

It made me actually go and do a count of the number of “negative” blog posts recently – to my horror (promise), seven of the last nine have involved me having a rant.


I just want everyone to be reassured that I really am a very happy, easy-going sort of bloke, not prone to outrage or the like.

I am sure this recent negativity can be put down to being laid up for the last five weeks with two slipped discs in my back. There’s no telling what being stuck in bed and not being able to work can do to one. Yeah, that must be the reason.

And just to prove that things have turned around, I promise not to blog (rant?) about my recent experiences with the medical profession (and I use that last word advisedly).

Have a lovely day.

Open-mouthed smile

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I had the same, generally annual, discussion with my electricity retailer today. It, or I should say United Energy, hasn’t been able to read our electricity meter for a couple of years.

The reason is that we have gates at the front of the property and people are here irregularly during the week. We’re comforted by the fact there are two dogs, one of whom is a rottweiler cross, who will happily tear your arm off if you decide to jump the gate though.

For some reason, United Energy needs to physically see its water meter, love it, caress it, make passionate love to it, etc regularly, as well as noting down the numbers on it.

I ask the same question every year – why doesn’t United Energy allow me to take a photo of my meter and send it to them? My water provider allows me to do that. I can either call them, e-mail them something, or even SMS the meter reading to them.

United Energy, you need to come into the 21st Century!

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