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Global weather patterns are still frustratingly bizarre. While we here in Melbourne (and the rest of the country) continue to battle drought, with dam levels down below 30%, I found out today that Ottawa in Canada has had its wettest July ever, at the same time as they are fighting bushfires and heat waves over in the west of the country.

Go figure!

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The back page of the latest The Big Issue has an advertisement for a photo competition, sponsored by the City of Sydney. Nothing remarkable about that you might think. Except that, one of the categories for the competition is people who are homeless – photographers are being encouraged to take photos of the homeless for financial gain.

I’m really in two minds about this. One’s immediate reaction is to be repulsed and to think that the City of Sydney should be spending its time and dollars on eliminating homelessness, rather than appearing to be glorifying it. Maybe it already is – from here in Melbourne, there’s not much visibility of local government in Sydney.

On the other hand though, by not doing this, are we actually discriminating against the homeless, more so than what they are discrimated against now? I’m just not sure.

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I’ve blogged previously on Muthiah Muralitharan and how the world cricketing authorities have changed the rules to support the way he delivers the ball (I won’t say “bowl”, because he doesn’t). Hence, I was delighted to read this in today’s The Age:

“Writing in the Adelaide Review, off-spinning great Ashley Mallett said: ‘‘There was unanimous agreement that the off-spinner’s ‘other-one’, the doosra, should not be coached in Australia. I have never seen anyone actually bowl the doosra. It has to be a chuck. Until such time as the ICC declares that all manner of chucking is legal in the game of cricket, I refuse to coach the doosra. All at the spin summit agreed.’’

‘‘All’’ included leg-spinners Shane Warne, Stuart MacGill, Jim Higgs, Terry Jenner and Peter Philpott, offies Gavin Robertson and Mallett, as well as Australian chairman of selectors Andrew Hilditch.”

Absolutely fantastic guys, well done.

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I was super-impressed to hear that a colleague has recently joined up with the SES. He has a full day training session today. Nice work.

We need all the emergency services volunteers we can get. Whether it’s working with our great volunteers at Red Cross, or with other teffific groups like CFA or SES, we need you. Please think about how you can help and join up.

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Today was Gina & Alex’s 26th birthday. They, Carol, Tom, Diem, Olly and I headed off to a great Italian restaurant, Mamma Vittoria’s (http://www.mammavittoria.com.au), for lunch.

It was a great time – here’s the pick of the photos. The photo of the five of us is the first I can remember of us all together for a long time.

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Alright, I admit it. I’m a train nut as well. About 12 months ago, Carol and I did a Steamrail Victoria trip to Seymour, with visits to three local wineries before the return trip. This was an absolutely fantastic day – Steamrail Victoria (http://www.steamrail.com.au) does a great job and deserves your support.

Here’s some of the photos I took on the day, of the train itself, and some of the locomotives and rolling stock at the museum in Seymour.

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Melbourne Zoo

I love a zoo. Most importantly, I love going to zoos on my own. Why? Because it means I can spend as much time as I like looking at my favourite animals and getting the perfect photo. I can spend a good half to three quarters of an hour tinkering with settings on the camera to get the perfect shot.

Yesterday I headed off to Melbourne Zoo again – here’s the pick of the photos.


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