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I sat and watched the Four Corners story on the Marysville fire tonight. I sit here now, typing this with an incredible flood of emotion washing through me.

Most of it is anger towards the ABC. Aunty, you are a disgrace. Why would you ask all those questions that will surely be asked by the Royal Commission? The senior command at CFA and the DSE rightfully refused to participate. But what is most galling? While the ABC behaves in such a disgraceful tabloid manner, it refuses to comment on matters where, perhaps, there may be some questions as to whether it stuffed up itself. What a disgraceful example of double standards. Let’s milk as much emotion out of it as we can, but let’s not leave our own arse uncovered, should there be reason for it to be uncovered.

And what is the rest of the emotion I’m feeling? An incredible sorrow for Glen Fiske, the CFA Captain. I cannot come vaguely close to imagining what he went through on Black Saturday and what he must be experiencing now as he rebuilds his life. Nor can I understand why the ABC would put him through such a collection of insensitive questions.

Glen Fiske, I salute you. And ABC, you are a disgrace.

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With Gina & Alex now having moved from home, and Tom being a bit lacking in the reliability department, heading away for a break now presents a bit of a challenge. Why? Because of a big black labrador / rottweiller cross called Spike, and a golden cocker spaniel / beagle / terrier / whatever else called Ned. Anyone that knows Carol and me will know how they are a very big parts of our lives.

So when we decided to have a weekend off, we went and bought Life Be In It’s Holidaying With Dogs (http://www.holidayingwithdogs.com.au/) and found a place called Red Paws Of Lorne (http://www.redpaws.com.au/). Anyone in Victoria will know of course that Lorne is a short way along the Great Ocean Road, out the other side of Geelong. We knew Red Paws must have been popular – we booked in January and this was the first weekend available.

So mid-Friday afternoon (yep, I couldn’t stand the idea of actually having to work five days, so I took the day off), we headed off to Lorne. It’s about 160 kilometres from home, the traffic was crap and we needed to make a short stop (that turned into a longer than expected stop) in Altona, so it ended up that we weren’t there until 5:30pm. But we all survived the trip pretty well, other than Ned thinking he should have all the back of the car and trying to rip Spike’s ear off at one stage.

So Red Paws is a studio apartment downstairs from where Daryl & Val, the owners, live. It’s about half way up the hill behind the Lorne camping ground. Lesson number one – don’t rent a studio appartment when you have two big dogs with you. Lesson number two – don’t rent at a property that isn’t fenced if your dogs like to race around all over the place. Other than those couple of issues, which of course relate to our lack of experience taking dogs away, Red Paws was great and Daryl & Val were terrific. The wireless internet was a big plus too.

So did we have fun? See for yourself.


I got a chance to be vaguely artistic with the camera as well.




Unfortunately the weather turned to crap on Saturday night, so we decided to head back reasonably early Sunday. So as I type this on Sunday afternoon, two dogs are both sound asleep, but look thoroughly satisfied. And Carol and I survived. And yep, I have to concede we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as well, despite being very concerned that we wouldn’t.

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In my Red Cross volunteering capacity, I recently looked after the radio communications and other agency liaison activities for the Herald Sun Run For The Kids. This is a fun run (gotta love that name – don’t sound like fun to me) where, in the longer form, participants run from the Domain in Melbourne, half way to Footscray and back again. It’s 14.1 kilometres in total and includes two quite significant climbs.

There’s something I don’t understand. Why would people whose daily exercise probably extends to walking to the fridge to get another beer, suddenly think they are going to be able to successfully run 14 kilometres?

Our first aiders were flat stick all morning, and Ambulance Victoria had six transports to hospital, not to mention all the assessments their bicycle team had to do. All the transports were related to people collapsing, not the trauma (e.g. falls, car v runner) we’ve seen in previous events.

For goodness sake people, with a bunch of fun runs (there’s that tautology again) coming up, think seriously about whether you have the capacity to complete the event successfully and not end up in hospital. Or a cemetery.

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Let me say from the start, I’ve spent a very long period of time trying to work out what the deal is about blogging.

Why on earth would the world be interested in what I’ve got to say? I have to say I’m still not convinced. However, those that know me will confirm I’m a fairly opinionated so and so, and present those opinions in a fairly positive sort of way. So let’s give it a try and see what happens.

Look out Blogsphere!!

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